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Hi, I’m Jo.

I am an avid reader and i like to review book that i read in Goodreads. . Currently i read on my kindle.  I like chicklit and romance books. Who dont’s right? 

A little about my review. Started off on my personal blog where i write about basically what happen in my life with review of the books that i enjoyed reading. Slowly over the years, it have developed more into a book review site where i posted up reviews of books that i read and some  interview that i did with the authors. As for publishers that emphasises on goodreads as profile, currently i have rated and reviewed more than 731  books as of Dec21 after i joined Goodreads in Oct 2011. I am Goodreads Librarian and is #30 Top Reviewer in Goodreads. I am also a Professional Reader with Netgalley. I had earned 500 Book Reviews and Top Reviewer Badge from Netgalley.

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Hi, I m Jo, a full time working mum, Started my blogging since 2004 and stop when i could not keep with my work and taking care of my boy. Found back my blogging mojo now hence the birth of this blog!

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