Book Review – Sleigh Bells Ring By RaeAnne Thayne



Celebrate the season with this sparkling holiday romance, perfect for fans of Debbie Macomber, Dorthea Benton Frank, and Nancy Thayer! 

Ranch manager Annie McCade thought her twin niece and nephew could join her at the Angel View Ranch for Christmas with her absent employer being none the wiser. But when the ranch’s owner, Tate Sheridan, shows up out of the blue, Annie’s plans are upended. Soon she finds herself helping Tate make a Christmas to remember for his grieving and fractured extended family.

Published Date : 26 October 2021

My Review

Annelise Mc Cade is back to Angel’s View Ranch as a caretaker to manage the ranch while taking care of her niece and nephew in the absence of her brother. Things got complicated when not only her employer turn up but practically the whole family. When the chef did not turn up, Annie took up the challenge to cook for the whole family throughout the holiday season. Soon, she find her employer’s Tate Sheridan presence intimidating to her not to mentioned her increasingly attraction towards him.

Tate has been some sort of a recluse and take his family’s responsibility seriously as a paying back for the guilt that he have over the death of his father which he feel he has something to do with it. Being near to Annie has invoke feelings that he kept locked in him.

Sleigh Bells Ring focus on family in this season of greeting. Love the story about family ties, the struggles within the family, and each of these characters overcome the struggles and be happy again with each other on a new grounds.

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