Book Review – Mistletoe Season By Michelle Major


Spend the holidays in Magnolia, North Carolina, where two lonely hearts find exactly what they need for Christmas.

Anji Guilardi needs a man for Christmas—at least, according to her mother. What she really needs is to grow her fledgling catering business. Partnering with Magnolia’s Wildflower Inn holds promise, but when her mother falls ill, Anji’s drawn back to the responsibility of the family restaurant. Balancing work and her eight-year-old son, she has no time for romance…until Anji runs into Gabriel Carlyle.

Temporarily helping at his grandmother’s flower shop, Gabriel doesn’t plan to stick around, especially after he bumps into Anji, one of his childhood bullies. Sure, she’s all grown up and gorgeous now, and when they find themselves under the mistletoe, their chemistry is undeniable. But it’ll take more than a Christmas miracle for Anji to break through the defenses of Gabriel’s well-guarded heart and find a love built to last.

Published Date : 26 October 2021

My Review

Anji, a single mother raising her son, Andrew has always dream to have her own business. And when she thought she have achieve it, she have to let go of her dream to help her mum to run her family’s Italian restaurant. It was not an easy task for her as her mum’s insistence on her following the traditional recipe and menu is suffocating her. She wanted to explore and challenge herself with new menu, something that she could do in her catering business but not at her family’s restaurant. The conflict within her has put a tremendous stress on her coupled with the bullying issue in school that Andrew is experiencing. 

Gabriel is back to Magnolia to help his grandma to manage her florist shop after his grandma fell sick. To get entangled in Anji and family matter is the last in his mind. But he couldn’t help himself especially when Anji still hold a place in his heart. 

It is a story of love, hope, family and redemption which I hold dear in this season of greeting. Love the stubbornness of Anji and Gabriel but not I not fancy of the  harsh decision that Gabriel made at the end of the story. Overall it is a wonderful read for this holiday season.

My Rating


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