Book Review – The Secret Path By Karen Swan


In Costa Rica, amid startling white beaches and hot, dense rainforests, the luxurious world of the super-rich butts up against something darker, something sinister. . .

Tara Tremain has worked hard to leave the controlling grasp of her extremely affluent family far behind. With her own career in medicine, she doesn’t need the Tremains’ expectations weighing her down any more. But pulled back into the family’s orbit one last time for an unmissable party in the jungles of Costa Rica, she finds herself flung into action: a local boy is desperately ill and she must trek for days into the jungle to save his life.

What Tara could never have predicted is that the one person who can help her in this impossible journey is Alex Carter, the man who destroyed her life ten years ago

Published Date : 8 July 2021

My Review

Tara a medical doctor is an heiress and due to the privilege that she have, she tends to keep her status. 10 years ago she was betrayed by Alex in the worst possible way and for that she swore she will never be with him again. Fast forward to 10 years later, Tara is going back to Costa Rica, for an event with her boyfriend and best friend’s family.  She have look forward for this time off to have some me time with her friend and family. But unbeknownst to her, she got entangled not only in the political situation but also having to track deep into the jungle for the remedy to save her friend’s son. The only way for her to get the remedy is through the help of Alex.

It is an emotional, entertaining and adventurous about love and hate, trust and betrayal. I was immersed with the author’s wonderful and incredibly detailed writing about the setting. You can know how much research was done to write this book by just reading the book. The writing is so vivid and rich and the story line flow smoothly as I read. I feel the pain and the struggle Tara have at the beginning of the book and I feel them again at the ending of the book.

My Rating


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