Book Review – First Kiss At Christmas By Lee Tobin McClain


At 25 years old, preschool teacher Kayla Harris is embarrassed to admit she’s never been kissed. When Tony DiNunzio and his grieving nephew show up in her classroom, she can’t help being drawn to both of them. If only her insecurities-and his guilt over his sister’s death-would stop standing in their way.

As Christmas approaches, can these three come together to form a family… not just for the holidays, but forever?

Published Date: 26 October 2021

My Review

Kayla a preschool teacher, trying to help Jax, Tony’s nephew who have just lost his mom and may have to witness the shooting that kill his mom. He is traumatized and feel insecure and could not let his uncle out of his sight. Kayla found herself trying her best to help Jax to adapt to his environment and could not help herself when she found herself to be increasingly attracted to Tony. 

Tony on the other hand, feel guilty and blamed himself for the death of his sister. If only he didn’t turn her away is the only thing that played in his mind. This is the 5th book and my 2nd read in the offspring series. The story set in a small town with romance mix in with mystery and suspense action as the storyline, this book give an welcome charm to its reader. It is a beautiful story of love, forgiveness and second chances and reminded me what Christmas is all about.  

My Rating


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