Book Review – Alaska Reunion By Jennifer Snow


In the Alaskan wilderness, love blooms in unlikely places—and between an unlikely couple…

Still single, still working at the same bookstore and still pining for the guy who got away, Ellie Mitchell cringes at the prospect of attending her high school reunion. She just can’t face showing up alone—with her dreams of becoming a teacher still unfulfilled—when her ex will be bringing a model-gorgeous plus-one. 

Callum McKendrick has been in love with Ellie since forever, but he’s sure she doesn’t take him seriously. Offering to be her date for the reunion—and the post-reunion wilderness retreat—is his chance to show Ellie just what she’s missing by being stuck in the past. But will becoming Ellie’s fake boyfriend be enough to prove that Callum is her perfect match?

Published Date : 24 August 2021

My Review

Ellie, a storekeeper is pining for her high school boyfriend worry about her high school reunion. What more he is attending the reunion too. She can’t turn up alone and face him. So, when Callum asked to go with her as her fake boyfriend, she reluctantly agreed. He have been in love with her and he was thinking that while pretending to be her fake boyfriend, he can show her his true feeling. But things got a bit complicated when Ellie’s ex started to give her the attention that she wanted all this while. 

It is a fun read with family and friendship as it’s main them. It filled with adventure, laughter and laughter between the main characters.

My Rating

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