Book Review – Christmas At Colts Creek By Delores Fossen


An unexpected inheritance rekindles a red-hot romance just in time for Christmas…

Janessa Parkman spent one long-ago summer in Last Ride, Texas, trying to bond with her estranged father, Abe. Turns out that was plenty of time to fall hard—and crash badly—for Brody Harrell, who managed Abe’s ranch. Everyone believed Brody would inherit Colts Creek one day, but now, fifteen years on, Abe’s will reveals the shocking truth—Janessa gets everything, and she must agree to stay in town for three months…through Christmas.

Brody’s attraction to Janessa burns hotter than ever. Though he refuses Janessa’s offer to give him the ranch, refusing her is impossible. Misunderstanding drove them apart once before, and secrets and betrayals run through both families. But what starts as a temporary Christmas fling might turn into a love strong enough to last every holiday season yet to come.

Published Date: 26 October 2021

My Review

Janessa inherited her father’s ranch which come as a surprise since the last time she spoke to him was 15 years ago. The inheritance come with a condition that she with her mother must stay in Last Ride for 3 months continuously or the ranch will go to charity. It comes as a surprise as everyone is expecting Brody to inherit it. He managed the ranch for years and thought that he earned the right to own it. 

I was intrigued with Janessa who comes across as an independent lady and kind hearted with all the works that she did with troubled teenagers. The chemistry between Janessa and Brody sizzled in the story despite all these years. Due to a misunderstanding that tore them apart 17 years ago. Overall this is a fun and interesting read with secrets and lies led to a dramatic filled moment to me.

My Rating


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