Book Review – Santa’s Sweetheart By Janet Dailey


Sheriff Sam Delaney is shouldering a lot as the lone lawman in the small Texas town of Branding Iron—and the widowed single father of six-year-old Maggie. Especially since Maggie’s determined that what her daddy needs this holiday season is a girlfriend. Suddenly Sam is hustled off to a meeting with Maggie’s schoolteacher—and surprised to discover the demure Grace Chapman is unexpectedly alluring. Then he’s roped into playing Santa at the annual Christmas ball, with the pretty Miss Grace by his side. It’s enough to make Sam even grumpier than usual—if not for the feelings sweet Grace stirs up inside . . .

Grace only wants to heal after her broken engagement. So why is she so charmed by the slow smile—and the surprising tenderness—of the town’s sheriff? Maybe because Grace is discovering that beneath Sam’s gruff exterior lies a heart as big as Texas, especially when it comes to the women in his life—like little Maggie. And now her… Which only has Grace hoping she’ll be Santa’s sweetheart for many seasons to come . .

Published Date: 28 September 2021

My Review

Grace is a school teacher who get attached to her student, 6 years old Maggie. Unbeknownst to her, Maggie is trying her best to match her father, Sheriff Sam Delaney with her. Sam is still mourns the loss of Maggie’s mum. Sam tries to show he is happy with his life now for Maggie’s sake but both of them are still grieving for their wife and mother. Grace, a divorcee, is new in town and has trouble with man. Both of them needs to overcome their pasts in order for them to move on.

This is lovely story about love and 2nd chance to find the happily ever after story. It is full of holiday spirit, likeable and adorable character story which tugs on your heart as the story progresses.

My Rating


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