Author Interview – RaeAnne Thayne

RaeAnne Thayne graduated from college with a degree in journalism. She soon became a reporter for the local newspaper and quickly moved up to editor. She developed a love of romances and sold her first book in 1995. She has also won several awards and honors including: three-time Rita nominee, 2012 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, and 2010 RT Reviewers Choice for best Silhouette Special Edition. Her titles include: Light the Stars, A Cold Creek Secret, A Thunder Canyon Christmas, and Fortune’s Woman. In 2014 her title Starstruck, as part of the book Together for Christmas, made Harlequin’s Hot Romance List. RaeAnne is also the author of the Haven Point Series. The fifth book in the series, Snowfall on Haven Point, made the New York Times bestseller list in 2016

What inspire you to write a book

I get ideas from everywhere and keep a large file of ideas I might like to write about some day. It still always feels like a miracle when random ideas come together to make a coherent story.

Do you write full time? if yes, is it tiring to write day in day out?

I usually try to write about 4-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. It can be tiring but it’s also so exciting as each book begins to come together.

Which of the book that the story plot touches you the most and the hardest for you to let go?

It’s hard for me to let go of every book. They never feel finished to me but at some point I have to send each book off to my publisher. I don’t know if I could say which plot touched me most. It’s usually the book I’m right in the middle of writing.

Do you read other author’s book specifically from the same industry as you?

I am an avid reader but I do have a hard time reading contemporary romance. I adore historical romance, though, and read those often.

Which part of the writing process that you find it hardest to go thru i.e. from writing to the published book?

All of it seems hard at times but in general I would have to say the second draft is usually the most difficult. I write a very rough first draft, leaving many plot holes. By the second draft, I have to fill in those holes and also make final decisions about the characters and their journeys. It can be daunting!

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