Book Review – Rodeo Christmas At Evergreen Ranch By Maisey Yates


Gold Valley’s rodeo champion is facing the toughest challenge of his life—a Christmas wedding!

Legendary bull rider Jake Daniels has only one plan this Christmas—to ignore the pain the season always brings. Until his best friend, Callie Carson, shows up on his ranch with a marriage proposal. Jake has lived so close to the edge it’s a miracle he’s still alive—he knows all about risk. But marrying the woman he craves more than anything feels like the biggest risk of all.

Callie Carson may be rodeo royalty, but to fulfill her dreams of riding saddle bronc, she needs her inheritance. And to access that, she needs a husband. But Jake the husband is deliciously different from Jake the friend, especially after the wild heat of their wedding night. He was only supposed to be her cowboy for Christmas, but Jake’s every heart-stopping touch has Callie questioning how she’ll ever be able to walk away.

Published Date: 26 October 2021

My Review

Jake is a successful bull rider who give up rodeo. After years in rodeo, he know that it is young man game and his body is began to feel the wears and tears of being thrown from a bull’s back. 

Callie, on the other hand, loves them and want to him to train her. Her ambitious is to be the first female saddle bronc rider which obviously her family refuse to support her dream.Callie comes from a wealthy family of seven adult children and she is the only daughter. The other way for her to get the fund to compete is thru her trust fund which she can have if she married. So she came with a fake marriage idea and her choice of pretend husband is her best friend Jake. 

The story continue with how the relationship between Jake and Callie developed and soon, both Callie and Jake realise that both of them want more than just a marriage of convenience. 

This book is about family dynamics and duties, loss, grief and friendship. Both main characters’ stories touches on various emotions: love, grief, joy, hope and despair.

My Rating


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