Book Review – Instant Gratification By Jill Shalvis


Stone Wilder is no less a daredevil bad boy than the rest of his brothers, especially when the thrill of a lifetime is about to arrive in a surprising package. . .

The Doctor Is In Deep

Wishful, California, is 3000 miles from Dr. Emma Sinclair’s last job in a New York City ER. Running her father’s clinic for a summer, Emma treats bee stings, stomach flu, and the occasional pet cat. Then there’s Stone Wilder: gorgeous, laid-back, and irritating beyond belief. Emma loathes him. Almost as much as she wants to throw him on her examining table and break every doctor-patient rule in the book. . .

Published Date: 19 June 2009

My Review

Stone, the 2nd brother of the 3 Wilder brother is the responsible ones; who take care of the needs of the family, the business, working with trouble teens etc. He is also the glue that hold the family together. In doing all these, he forego his own dream. 

Emma is an doctor who return to her hometown to take care of her father’s clinic while he recovering from heart attack. The clinic is the only clinic in town and it fall on Emma to make it continue running while her dad is recovering. Emma have no intention to return hence her resentment. She craved for the fast paced job that she have in the city and the big city life. 

The story continue with how both Stone and Emma get to know each other and eventually how the relationship develop into something deeper that none of them plan or expected. Love how way the story developed with Emma who wasn’t ready for a relationship to eventually acknowledge her feeling. It show just how love can happen when you least it to be. 

Overall it is a good contemporary romance and enjoyable read for me. It is a simple romance with only focus between Emma and Stone

My Rating


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