Book Review -The Heartbreaker Of Echo Pass By Maisey Yates


Can Gold Valley’s wallflower heal a damaged cowboy’s broken heart? Find out in this enthralling romance by New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates.

Shy Iris Daniels is on a mission to shake up her life. She’s sick of being underestimated, and she’s got a new business plan to prove it. The one thing she didn’t factor in is her new landlord, Griffin Chance. The gruff mountain man isn’t what she expected, but Iris recognizes the pain in his eyes. Yet the attraction he ignites is much more unfamiliar…and might be the perfect chance for Iris to embrace the adventure she yearns for.

Griffin Chance knows firsthand how senseless the cards dealt in life can be. He wouldn’t have isolated himself on a remote mountain ridge if he didn’t. Innocent Iris craves excitement, and he’s a man who thought he’d forgotten how to feel. But when their connection grows deeper than either of them anticipated, Griffin has to decide if he can put down the pain of his past and step into a love he never believed possible.

Published Date: 29 June 2021

My Review

Iris is the caretaker of her family. She is the glue that hold her family together. She dedicated her life to take care of them. When all her sibling found their own happiness, Iris feel that it is time now for her to find her own happiness. She have a dream to open a bakery and she found a shop that is owned by Griffin. 

Griffin is new to town and is a hermit. He lost everything and seek to live his life away from everyone. Until Iris evaded his space. She is determined to get Griffin to agreed to rent the bakery shop to him.

This is the story about grief, friendship and second chance in love. Both Iris and Griffin have their fair share of grief and thru their friendship, they share a bond. Both of them forge an unusual relationship and did not expect that they would help each other to grow and heal. The story develop at a slow pace but peak up after the middle and too fast at the ending in my opinion.

My Rating


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