Book Review – Welcome To Drake Isle By Allie Boniface


Because of You (Book One) – Ten years ago, Piper Townsend fell to her death from the top of a fraternity house, and no one on Drake Isle has ever been the same. Blake Carter’s fraternity was scandalized. Misterion College closed down. And Blake’s girlfriend Emmy fled the island after her best friend died and never looked behind her.

Now Blake’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar tech firm looking to relocate to the island. Emmy owns a yoga studio in the building he wants to buy. They haven’t spoken in ten years. They’re on opposite sides of the bargaining table. But old flames die hard, and sometimes soulmates can set the world on fire all over again…

Finding You (Book Two) – Lillian Santini came to Drake Isle pregnant, broke, and alone.Two decades later she owns a renowned beauty salon and has raised her twins to adulthood. Fiercely independent, she has no interest in settling down. Then she meets Trey.

Trey lives a jet-set life on the mainland, a billionaire who’s hidden a shockingly abusive childhood from the world. His best friend, the only person who knew his secrets, died in a tragic accident twelve years earlier. Lil and Trey’s attraction is instant. Their desire is powerful. But can two people from different worlds find love on Drake Isle, or will past secrets tear them apart?

Published Date: 12 January 2022

My Review

Because of you tell the story of Blake and Emerson who drifted apart after Piper’s death. Years later, Blake found out the owner of a property that he suppose to acquire belong to Emerson. There are many unresolved issues and both of them need to deal with them before they can have their second chance. I love Blake and Emerson character Despite at times Blake seem to be confused and conflicted.

Finding You tell the story of Lilian, a single mother who run a hair salon found herself to be attracted to Trey, a successful businessman. Lilian giving her background, staying in a small town, is skeptical on her attraction to Trey. What more this is the only attraction that she found herself unable to walk away from. Trey have his secret. It is also where he is unable to commit himself, not until he met Lilian. There are many knots tangled in his life too. Just like Lilian, he wonder too whether this relationship between them will work.

It was a good read for me and the storyline have kept me going into the night!

My Rating


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