Book Spotlight : Because Of You (Welcome To Drake Isle) By Allie Boniface

Please share the opening lines of this book

Blake Carter stared at State Street from eighteen stories up and wondered how it would feel if he fell.

Cars, trucks, bicyclists and pedestrians filled the Financial District below. He leaned forward, testing the grip of his toes inside his shoes. Would he die before impact? He thought he’d read someplace that anyone falling from a great height was likely to have a heart attack long before their body hit the pavement. But maybe that was just an old wives’ tale. Maybe, instead, he’d stay alive until the very last second, watching the ground rush up at him. His fingers curled. Would he feel the impact? Would he be recognizable after the impact?

Crumpled at his feet lay a letter from Misterion College, inviting him to his ten-year reunion. Delta Eta Chi’s charter would be reinstated, the letter informed him, and its suspension lifted. The board also planned on reopening a satellite campus on Drake Isle. Blake leaned forward until his forehead rested on the glass. He hadn’t thought about Misterion or the island or his fraternity brothers in ages.

Traffic was beginning to slow, but if he fell, he’d still land squarely in a steady stream of commuters. Piper Townsend hadn’t landed in the middle of anyone. No one had witnessed her last seconds, at least not that Blake was aware. She’d been found hours later on the sidewalk outside the Delta Eta Chi house, as the tide rolled in and the earliest rays of sun lit the water. A broken body. A broken railing above her. Broken petals on the flowers beneath her.

And everything that came after had broken Blake, too. That single night, and the days that followed, had almost crippled him.

Fun fact about the main characters in this book..

Blake and Emmy are college sweethearts who broke up after a tragedy and haven’t seen each other in 10 years. Because of You is all about second chance romance.

In five words, describe the story..

Island romance with powerful angst!

Can you share your favorite the excerpt in this book?

“Okay. Here it is, Em. I love you. I always have. When we broke up after college I was wrecked. Didn’t even want to get out of bed. Didn’t want to do anything except go back in time and change everything that happened. I’ve never been as good a man as when I was with you. Never.”

“And yet you managed to pick yourself up, get engaged, and become CEO of Eastefire. You couldn’t have been that wrecked.”

“You want to know why?”

“Why you became a huge success? Sure, I’d love to.” The sarcasm fell heavy from her tongue.

“After Piper died, my mom made me talk to the family priest. Father Michael. It didn’t help much, to be honest. He kept talking about God and heaven and trusting that better things were waiting for all of us. We just had to believe they were out there.”

She wound a loose curl around one finger. Behind her, the sun rose higher in the sky, lighting her face. “So what happened? You became newly devout and that helped you heal?”

“No. But I did realize that you’re my heaven. You’re my better place, my hope. You always were. If bad things happened, you made them okay. When I lost you, the only thing that kept me going was believing I’d see you again. Maybe in this life, maybe not until the next one, but that’s what got me out of bed each day. Believing that somehow, someday, I’d see you again.”

Reader should read this book..

To escape to an island where romance, love and mystery go hand in hand, and to get lost in the question of what happened to Piper Townsend all those years ago.

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