Book Review – The Perfect Match By Anita Lemke


Matchmakers don’t fall in love with their clients… unless they do.

She doesn’t believe in love…

Victoria Medrano is a professional modern-day matchmaker who earns her living by finding suitable husbands for her rich clients’ daughters using a foolproof system – one that takes love out of the equation. Snaring the right clients and establishing a sterling reputation is the career stepping stone she needs to finally earn the kind of money she’s always dreamed of.

… but love can be found in unlikely places.

When her best friend Tonya becomes her client and gets set up with the handsome and charming-when-he-wants-to-be Mark Dunham, Victoria is inexplicably drawn to him. As she suddenly questions her beliefs about love, she has to make a decision. Is it okay to fall in love with your best friend’s perfect match?

Published Date: 11 June 2020

My Review

Victoria is a famous professional matchmaker. She take pride in what she do and she make sure she give the best service to client. When her best friend Tonya asked for her service, she agreed to find one perfect man for her friend… but it turn out that she is attracted to him too. Mark is also looking for a woman to marry in order for him to get the trust money. He needed it for his mother’s treatment. When Victoria appeared into his life and have make clear fo him that she want nothing from him, he would have walk away but he is not. When the relationship between Tonya and Mark getting serious, Victoria questioning herself.

Overall is a good read for me. Love Victoria and her “logical” thinking and the internal conflict with herself. I love the ending of this story very much. Cant help shed some tears at the end too.

My Rating


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