Book Review – Never Let Me Go By Kianna Alexander


Architect Maxwell Devers is laser-focused on winning the contract to build a new cultural arts center–his biggest project yet. But as a single dad of a beautiful baby girl, he has to find some help if he’s going to stay on track.

Yvonne Markham is thrilled to get her first nanny assignment. She knows the high-paying job will speed her progress toward owning a child care center of her own. Maxwell’s daughter is a delight, and she quickly comes to love the bouncing baby girl. Falling for her handsome new boss, however, was not part of the plan…

Published Date: 23 March 2021

My Review

This is a story of Maxwell who engaged Yvonne as a nanny for his months old baby girl while his ex gf was away on a medical mission. From the start, both Max and Yvonne are attracted to each other and neither of them denying it. Their relationship began to develop really well. Yvonne have a dream to open her own child care nursery. She have been saving for the nursery and she is near to saving enough for down payment. But Max have a different idea of his other half. He didn’t realise that his expectation has been cause of all his past relationship until it is too late.

This is heartwarming read for me. As I read on this book, I couldn’t help smiling away

My Rating


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