Book Review – Starting Over At Primrose Woods By Jill Steeples


Abbey Carter should be feeling on top of the world. 

She has the home of her dreams – a picturesque cottage just walking distance from her beloved Primrose Woods. She has a job she loves, great friends, and most exciting of all – a wedding dress hanging in her wardrobe ready to be worn. So why does she feel so lonely… 

Lizzie Baker loves her job at the Treetops café in Primrose Woods, and she loves being a grandmother even more. If only she could face her fear of flying and see her granddaughter in person rather than on a screen.

Rhianna West is head over heels for her boyfriend Jay. She just wishes he could see her more regularly. His excuses are starting to wear thin, and Rhi’s dreams for the future are beginning to fade.

Can the fun and friendships, the picture-perfect scenery and rolling seasons in Primrose Woods help the women find the happy endings they deserve? After all anything is possible if you dare to dream…

An absolute treat of a book. Let Jill Steeples whisk you away into the beautiful countryside for the perfect feel-good comfort read. Just right for fans of Cathy Bramley, Heidi Swain and Julie Houston

Published Date: 1st February 2022

My Review

The story focus on 3 different women at a different stages of their life. Abbey is planning her wedding to her long time partner, Rhi is excited with her newfound lover and Lizzie is a widow in her late fifties who is about to find her 2nd chance in love. 

Abbey, Lizzie and Rhi met each other and become good friends under difficult circumstance make their story really stand out. It highlight the important of friendship and courage to admit and move to overcome own fears. This is a cosy and heartwarming story to read that left me with a happy warm feeling in the end.

My Rating


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