Book Review – A Child’s Christmas By Kate James


Single mother Paige Summerville wants to give her seven-year-old son the Christmas of his dreams. Jason needs surgery to beat the illness that’s plagued his young life, leaving Paige desperate to make ends meet. So she turns to a charity that grants the wishes of sick children . . .

Then a stranger arrives bearing gifts for Jason—and for her. He’s Daniel Kinsley, a lawyer who’s grown cynical about family. But his kindness in making Jason’s wishes come true offers him more than he ever imagined. Is there room in Paige’s heart for a man who could fulfill all their dreams? And not just at Christmas!

Published Date: 1 November 2014

My Review

Paige is struggling and is emotional depressed when the cancer is back again in her son’s life. A single mother, She needs money for the operation and have been saving for that. Realising that this would be her child’s last Christmas, she wasnted to make one unforgettable occation for her son. A friend asked her to put his wish with a non profitable organization that helps to fulfill wishes by terminally ill chidlrens. Daniel was asked to help her to fulfill Jason’s wishes. Jason wanted a train set but due to the holiday season, the toy manufacturer unable to make it on time for Jason. It can only be ready in time for Christmas. Trying not to disappoint him, Daniel took the initiative to visit him nand passed the gift to him. He ended up having fun with Jason and has dinner with both Paige and Jason. It was the start of a beautiful relationship between the two persons who only wants the best for Jason. 

Both Paige and Daniel is afraid of getting hurt and to take the step for the happily ever after is something that too big a step for them. The author did a good job in writing about the struggles of a mother especially when the child has issues. This story is filled with hope, friendship and love and most suitable in this season of giving.

My Rating


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