Book Review – To Defy A Sheikh By Maisey Yates


Princess Samarah Al-Azem knows you cannot rush revenge. Having bided her time, she’s finally ready to bring down Ferran, her kingdom’s enemy and the man who took everything from her. In the still of night, she lies in wait in his bedchamber…. 

It isn’t the first time Sheikh Ferran has found himself at the edge of an assassin’s blade…but never has it been wielded by such a beautiful assailant. Soon he has her at his mercy—something he’s wanted for years! 

Now Samarah must decide: imprisonment in a cell…or in diamond shackles as his wife.

Published Date: 21 October 2014

My Review

Samarah attack Sheikh Ferran because he kills her father when she was only a little girl. Obviously, her attempt failed and as a compromise, he demand marriage in exchange of imprisonment to reunite both their nation. Realising that there are other other ways, she reluctantly agreed and as the story progressed, she start to realized just how she was about him and she begin to understand the circumstance leading to the killing of her father. This has also make her begin to love him but Ferran is a broken man and he thought that he is incapable of love.

This is a love story between two persons who are bought being burden by their past history and connection and being weighed down by their responsibility to their nation. I like both Samarah and Ferran for their individuality uniqueness that has to work past their history which somehow seems to be interconnected. In their course of recovery, both of them has help to heal their wound from the past. Overall, it is a sweet romance for me with well developed plot and strong main characters

My Rating


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