Book Review – Protecting The Desert Princess By Carol Marinelli


Seven days without her crown!

Princess Layla of Ishla craves just one week outside the gilded cage of her palace. A chance to try absolutely everything that is forbidden! 

1. Sharing a romantic dinner 

2. Dancing the night away 

3. Kissing a gorgeous man… 

The only exception? She must remain pure for her future husband! When she arrives in Australia, she finds there’s only one man who can help her fulfill this dream…. 

Revered yet feared, Mikael Romanov has earned his ruthless legal reputation, yet spirited Layla quickly gets beneath his skin. Mikael’s sworn to protect her, but can he protect Layla from himself?

Published Date: 21 October 2014

My Review

Layla has been protected all her life in her castle by her father. Being able to go see the outside world is something that she dream of doing. And the opportunity arises when her father allow her to accompany her brother and sister in law to Australia. She has it all plan. She leave the hotel that they booked in and seek the help of Mikael to prevent her brother to go after her and allow her to stay and do what she have planned. Mikael, taken aback by the request and relented when he saw just how desperate she was. Mikael, took her into his stride and introduce to her (on her own instigation) things that in her bucket list. During the course, Layla found herself to be attracted to him but Mikael knows that there are both from a different world and there is no way that they can be together. 

It is a fun story of a princess that keen to see the world and prepared months before her outing to runaway as soon as she arrive her destination in order for her to experience her freedom eventhough it is temporary. I admired her courage for the action that she undertakes though it was rather irresponsible in her part. I also love her naivety and her absolutely clueless of the reality world that makes the story fun to read.

My Rating


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