Book Review – The Women Who Took A Chance By Fiona Gibson


Meet Jen. Flight attendant. Mum to a grown-up daughter. Permanently single. 

Age: Fifty (gulp)

Number of children: One

Number of husbands: Zero (it’s complicated)

Number of failed first dates in the last month: Too depressing to contemplate

Number of tickets for a romantic, once-in-a-lifetime trip: Two

Number of days left to find her Mr Right to take on holiday: Quickly running out…

Publish Date: 17 March 2022

My Review

A-bit difficult for me to get connected to the characters as I begin to read this book. It is a interesting storyline of a women in 50s tapping on the online dating which play a center stage in this book. This book is a about Jen, who was been made redundant. She finds that she have a lot of time alone and unsure how to spend it alone. With some persuasion from her daughter, Hannah she signs up for online dating site. The book continue with the story about her countless dates which come across as hilarious but not so much to Jen. 

Overall, it is a slow start at the beginning but it’s accelerated fast towards the ending of the story which make a reader rather disoriented with the book.

My Rating


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