Book Review – Friend Me By Michelle McCraw


She’s found her Prince Charming. Her plan to win him needs a little help from her best buddy. Who’s suddenly…sexy?
Romance-reading executive assistant Marlee has a three-step plan to woo her crush, icy and aloof San Francisco tech executive Cooper Fallon.

Step 1: Dance with him at her boss’s wedding. Melt that ice.
Step 2: Work late. Bond over takeout.
Step 3: Share a magical kiss.

But when Cooper takes a date to the wedding, Marlee counters by asking her nerdy, Star Wars–loving, always-there-for-her best friend, Tyler, to pretend to be her boyfriend. Everything is perfect until Tyler gives her a toe-curling kiss on the dance floor and their date doesn’t feel fake anymore.

Kissing the wrong guy? Not in her plan. And neither is Tyler asking for more than she can give. She never meant to break up with her best friend. Especially when she suspects she’s falling for him.
Friend Me is a slow-burn-to-red-hot, friends-to-lovers romantic comedy featuring a starry-eyed heroine, a sweet, cinnamon-roll hero, and a pair of cranky cats. It can be read as a standalone and is the second book in the Synergy series.

Published Date: 24 July 2021

My Review

Marlene, a super fan of romance and an PA working in a tech company has been in love with her boss Cooper for the past 3 years. Everyone knows it except Cooper. If only she can convince him that she is the love of his life. For her best friend Alicia’s wedding, she accepted her buddy, Tyler’s offer to attend together with a plan to make Cooper jealous.

This romance is all about friendship turn into office romance. It started with one sided love both from Marlee and Tyler and story develop to a totally different direction after that. At one point, I even have this thinking that this story may end up with a totally different ending. Love both Marlee and Tyler but abit skeptical with Cooper’s character.

My Rating


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