Book Review – One Greek Summer By Kate Frost


When Harlow Sands arrives on an idyllic Greek island to work on a big budget movie, it should be the opportunity of a lifetime. But her uncertainty over the direction of her life and the high expectations of Maeve Fennimore-Bell, her domineering Hollywood producer mum, threatens to ruin her summer on beautiful Skopelos

Location manager Tyler Reed has his fair share of demons. His and Harlow’s lives have been entwined for over a decade and now forced to work together, their complicated past begins to unravel.

Harlow is desperate to break free and make her own way in the world, but with a fractured family, a long-hidden secret and a need to belong, can her happy-ever-after be found during one Greek summer?

Published Date: 9 March 2022

My Review

Harlow is in Skopelos to work as an assistant location manager for her mum’s big movie. She responsible for scouting and helping the crews in the various location on Skopelos Island. Working together with Tyler, her close friend with benefits history make it even harder for her. On the island, she met Adonis and their relationship started to grow despite their rocky start of the friendship.

It is a sweet romance between two persons who are caught in between their desire and their commitment and responsibilities to their loved one. Love the story between Harlow and Adonis though at the beginning of the story it focuses more on the relationship between Harlow and Tyler. Too much that it overshadow the actual story of Harlow and Adonis. This book have relatable character with a lot of pent up emotion, complicated relationship and secrets.

My Rating


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