Book Review – Silver Creek Bodyguard By Lindsay McKenna


With a fresh start in the heart of big sky country, Sara Romano is thrilled to bring her herbal remedies to the lovely people of Silver Creek, Wyoming. But when her dark past follows her, and Sara is nearly killed, she knows she is in imminent danger. Reluctantly accepting the bodyguard her mother hires, Sara opens her home to Wes Paxton. Trained to protect, the ruggedly handsome stranger soothes her fears, making Sara feel cared for in a way she has not felt in a long time. If only she had the courage to tell him her family’s secrets. . . .

A former orphan who found family in the military, Wes can’t ignore the feeling that Sara is holding back. The more time he spends with her, the more he understands how afraid she is—which only sends his well-honed protective instincts into overdrive. So when danger finally closes in, Wes is an army of one, ready to do anything to protect the woman he’s falling hard for . .

Published Date: 29 March 2022

My Review

Wes has been hired by an elite security firm and his assignment is to protect Sara Romano, who is hiding from her stepbrother whom she believe is trying to kill her. Wes is hired by her mum to protect her. All Sara want is that whoever is assigned to guard her safety, she can have a good rapport with him.

This is a romantic suspense story which I enjoy reading. The book focus mainly on what happened when both Wes and Sara running away from hired thugs who attack them. Love the narration here as it really bring me to where they story is about. I love the connection and chemistry between the 2 characters. The story well written and is a good read to me.

My Rating


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