Book Review- Someone To Love By Tracy Corbett


It’s hate at first sight for the wedding planners…

It’s down to maid of honour Beth and best man Matt to plan a dream wedding for the absent bride and groom. Not only do they have to handle the bride’s sky-high expectations and their respective dysfunctional families, they also have to deal with each other – and so far, it’s not going well.

Fire-fighter Matt is far too laid-back for Beth’s liking, and Beth’s need to arrive half an hour early for everything is driving Matt crazy. But over the weeks, the arguing and animosity morphs into something else that feels fun and flirty…

With Beth’s father parading his new, half-his-age girlfriend around, her mother set on revenge, Matt’s family refusing to engage in the celebrations, and an addled grandmother thrown in the mix, is there any way Beth and Matt can make the wedding a success?

Published Date: 14 April 2022

My Review

Beth is responsible given her profession was tasked by her younger sister in planning her wedding together with the groom’s uncle whom Beth couldn’t stand. Beth and Matt’s relationship did not start off well and this has form a rather negative perception of Beth over him. In the middle of planning, there is story of her parent who are in the middle of a divorce.

The storyline is promising but I find it abit rushed as it’s storyline started to develop. The story is also complicated and serious than what I expected just by looking at the book cover. Too many issue appeared and while I find all the conflict is interesting I feel that these conflict does not have sufficient time for it to develop before it end/resolved

My Rating


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