Book Review – Knocked Up In Alaska By Samanthe Beck

Everyone in Captivity, Alaska now knows Lilah Iquat’s big (and getting bigger) secret. She’s knocked up. Pregnant. All it took was a foolish decision with lasting consequences. Now Lilah’s going it alone—with the help of the town. But with one particular craving getting stronger, Lilah has her eyes on just one thing: too-sexy Ford Langley.

Ford’s ex-Army Special Forces sense of honor and duty haven’t disappeared. Which is exactly why Lilah is fully off limits, hands-off, and don’t even think about it, Ford. She’s too young and too bright for an ex-Army man who’s seen too much, too soon. Which means that he’ll hold to his code—even if it kills him. And it just might.

Now Lilah is showing Ford how much light and life and love he’s missing out on, testing every last shred of his resolve. But with a baby on the way and the whole town involved, Ford and Lilah are about to learn the hard way that life never goes according to plan…especially when it comes to love.

Published Date : 16 May 2022

My Review

A story about 21 yo Delilah who got pregnant with her unborn baby’s father died in an air crash and 31 yo, Ford, an owner of a Bar. She ran away from home when her mother rejected her and Ford offered her a job and a place to stay. This has push them together. As they relationship develop, Ford refuse to acknowledge his attraction, push Lilah to other suitor. Lilah on the other hand, want to prove that she is capable to be independent and able to take care of her baby.

I love this story very much. Both Ford and Lilah make a great couple though the age group has been one of the main the issue in their relationship. I love reading how much Lilah has grown at the beginning of the story to a mother at the end of the story. Love reading Ford’s protectiveness over Lilah but his stupidity despite his true feeling for Lilah make me abit annoyed.

My Rating

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