Book Review – A Country Escape By Katie Fforde

An utterly gorgeous and escapist rural romance, set on a perfectly-imperfect small farm in the beautiful English Cotswolds, that fans of Robyn Carr, Carolyn Brown and Susan Mallery will fall in love with.

When Fran Duke was a little girl, she dreamt that one day she’d get to move to a beautiful farm, keeping animals and living the rural dream. Now it looks like her dream might come true…

Because her Aunt Amy, who Fran has never even met, has made her an offer she can’t refuse. Fran can live on her dairy farm for a year rent-free and, if she is able to turn the farm’s fortunes around—and keep it out of the hands of the dastardly neighbor Antony Arlingham—she gets to stay and live there forever.

Fran feels excited for the challenge. Right up until the moment she walks up the muddy path to the tumbledown little farm and realises it’s in a state of total disrepair. Not only that, but she’s more than a little scared of the cows themselves. But, rolling up her sleeves, she thinks it’s nothing that she can’t overcome. 

But then she crosses paths with Antony… And as her eyes take in the tall, dark, handsome stranger with eyes that seem to flicker with gold, she knows she’s in trouble. Has she found herself a country escape, or will she end up running away?

Published Date : 25 May 2022

My Review

It is a story about Fran receiving an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative, Aunt Amy that if she can make a success of a dairy farm, she will inherit the farmhouse and the herd. She also aware that there is another relative, Roy from Australia who will be competing with her for the inheritance. Aunt Amy has also told her to steer clear of the immediate neighbor, Antony. Fran who is a chef by trade, decided to take up the challenge. However, she did not anticipate the problem that is awaiting her. 

Initially overwhelm and have no idea in running a farm, Fran explore to make cheese from the milk given that that the farm in need of immediate fund, she together with her friend, explore ideas to turnaround. 

The characters are delightful and well developed. At the beginning of the story, I was expected a hostile Antony based on Aunt Amy’s warning to Fran. Surprisingly, as Fran get to know him, she finds that Anthony is one of the nicest people she has ever met and Fran begin to find herself falling in love. I love Fran’s determination in making the farm work despite that she scares of cows on the farm. Overall it is a charming and fun read for me.

My Rating

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