Book Review – The Price of His Redemption By Carol Marinelli

He wants her—no matter what the cost!

Daniil Zverev is the world’s most ruthless and sinfully seductive tycoon. No one would ever know the cruelty and rejection that fueled his ascent. But beautiful ballet teacher Libby Tennent is getting under Daniil’s skin and dangerously close to the truth. 

From the moment she waltzed into his office, feisty Libby has challenged the dark-hearted Russian. He doesn’t do favors, yet he helps Libby’s business. He definitely doesn’t do relationships, yet one night with Libby isn’t enough! Money might be no object, yet the cost of getting closer to Libby is much higher…

Published Date: 15 November 2015

My Review

Daniil never allow himself to be attached to people due to his background who grow up in an orphanage. He have bonded with his twin brother, Roman, Nikolai and Sevastyan but lose contact after he was adopted. This has formed who he is today.

He found himself attracted to Libby, a teacher and he also make known to her that commitment is not in his book. But is he lying to himself or to convince Libby, he is who he is?

This is a four part series about 4 boys. Daniil come across as an reluctant and gloomy hero whilst Libby is a strong character who is not clingy. Love the storyline very much and the ending is exceptional.

My Rating

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