Book Review – Love Out Loud By Marissa Clarke

A deliciously fun, flirty rom-com where love doesn’t happen by opening a door…it happens when you get stuck in one.

Veterinarian Fiona Nichols does not do well in stressful social situations. A little babble here, saying the absolutely wrong thing there. But that doesn’t stop Fiona from checking out the delectably hot guy in her building…from afar. Fate apparently has a nasty sense of humor, though.

Somehow Fiona gets herself and Hot Guy stuck in the building’s revolving door—all thanks to a certain squeaky dog toy…that unfortunately looks decidedly, uh, penile.

Must be time to meet the neighbors.

Turns out that Jake Ward is Fiona’s new public-speaking coach. A hot extrovert who always knows what to say. Fiona should hate the man on sight. Instead, she’s only finding him more attractive. And now she’s finally getting out of her comfort zone…only to get in over her head.

Published Date: 6 June 2022

My Review

Fiona, a vet, is expected to give a speech, in accepting an award for her community work. Something she think she could not do due to her phobia to speak in the public. She is more comfortable talking to animal then human. Jack who is a public speaking coach was hired to help and prepare her for the event. They stay close and notice each other. However, Jake avoid her at all cost due to her puppy. Jack has a phobia too. He is afraid of dog. 

It is a sweet and heartwarming read to me. There are multiple of funny moments in the story and also very tender ones. I love reading how the main characters help each other to overcome their phobia and also their chemistry.

My Rating

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