Book Review – His Sicilian Cinderella By Carol Marinelli

His until midnight…? 

When millionaire Matteo Santini bought one night with Bella Gatti, it was to protect her innocence from the dangerous game she was caught up in. He never expected to be so undone by their fierce attraction or her disappearance the next day.  

Chambermaid Bella has escaped her shameful past, but her memories of that night with Matteo still burn. Forced to attend Sicily’s most exclusive wedding together, Bella knows the dark-hearted tycoon will want a reckoning. As the clock strikes twelve, it’s clear the only way Bella will be leaving the party is with Matteo—via his bed!

Published Date: 21 July 2015

My Review

Erica was the one who amputated his leg. Five years later they met again and Erica wonder whether he remember her. Thorne knew who Erica is even before her request to work was approved. Both of them battling their own demons and neither of them want long term commitment but couldn’t help when they were attracted to each other. 

It is a sweet and emotional read for me. The storyline is well written about how love heal two people who really have been through some tough times and found found the happiness they deserve at the end. Loved watching the chemistry between Erica and Thorne.

My Rating

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