Book Review – The Maverick’s Accidental Bride By Christine Rimmer

Married by Mistake? 

Rust Creek Ramblings 

Welcome back, faithful readers! The Rust Creek Rambler has an exclusive for you: Jordyn Leigh Cates has gotten married! That’s right, our innocent Jordyn, who came to town a few years back with the Rust Creek Falls “Gal Rush,” tied the knot on July Fourth in what appeared to be a very impulsive ceremony. 

No one could blame the blushing bridesmaid for saying “I do” to Will Clifton. The sexy, blue-eyed rancher is six feet of pure muscle and charm. But are these two merely love-struck friends who got swept away at someone else’s wedding? Our sources suggest otherwise. Stay tuned to find out the true story behind these surprise spouses—and see if they can make it past their honeymoon!

Published Date : 16 June 2015

My Review

Jordyn and Will met again at a wedding they both attended in Rust Creek after separated for years. They woke up the next day and got a shock when they found out that they are married. As they discover that they could not dissolve their marriage as easily as they thought, they decided to stay married for a month to see whether Jordyn got pregnant from the night they spent together.

It is a charming and delightful read for me with long time friends finding out they are perfect for each other. Both Jordyn and Will does make a cute couple and I love the banter they share.

My Rating

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