Book Review – How to Seduce a Cavanaugh by Marie Ferrarella

A lone wolf who’d prefer to work solo, Detective Kane Durant has been through six partners. His latest? A chatty, go-getter blonde he can’t seem to intimidate with his killer stare-downs and deadly silence. But when they’re assigned a case of home invasions in the ritzy section of town, he’s impressed by Detective Kelly Cavanaugh’s quick mind, her determination to catch the perp…and how badly he wants her. 

With one month to prove herself to her tall, tough and sexy new partner, Kelly works overtime to crack the case—and the hardened detective by her side. But when late nights on the job lead to passion, Kelly’s heart is suddenly on the line, too.

Published Date: 7 July 2015

My Review

Kane and Kelly were tasked to work together. Kane is not happy about the arrangement as he prefer to work alone. Due to his past, he kept to himself and have been driving away all his partner. Kelly, on the other hand, is trying to make him to talk as her objective. Kane come across as a strong but a loner while Kelly, a bubbly and nosy colleague. Whilst Kane prefer to keep to himself, Kelly will strive to find the information.

Overall it is a sweet read for me. Love the main characters: Kane and Kelly and their interaction. I enjoyed the detail of the investigation and reading how both Kane and Kelly solved the mystery.

My Rating

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