Book Review – Under Pressure by Kelly Moran

You have the right to remain…sexy.

As sheriff of Redwood Ridge, Parker Maloney has learned to bite his tongue at the ridiculous antics of the town’s matchmakers. He’s just grateful they’ve never messed with him before. Except it kind of seems like he’s their next target. They keep sending him on one wild goose chase after another with a single common denominator–Madeline Freemont. Whatever. Maddie spent their youth terrorizing him and he has zero interest in reopening the claw marks. No matter how beautiful or intuitive or funny he finds her. Nope. He’s laying down the law on this one. Yet there’s something to her hot-as-hell spine of steel act he can’t figure out and she’s beginning to unlock the cell on his restraint.

Maddie Freemont’s no newcomer to the cold shoulder. Most of the town never warmed up to her. Or tried. So when her ex leaves her high, dry, and so in debt she’s forced onto the street, it’s no shock there aren’t any offered helping hands. She’s making due by taking any odd job she can to scrape by. Even though she would’ve done anything for Parker’s attention once upon a time, the last thing she needs is to be on his radar now. Why they suddenly keep crossing paths is a mystery. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore his handsome, subtle charms–and how he’s working his way under her resolve to expose desires she long ago shoved aside.

Published Date : 31 March 2020

My Review

The story started with Parker met Madeline after she leave Redwood Ridge after a fraud scandal committed by her father and fiancé. Most of the town people did not believe she was innocent and clueless of the crime. She has been back to town for sometime but no one is aware her presence. Parker always believe she is innocent and  Unbeknownst to them, the town’s Battleaxes have Maddie and Parker under their radar. They keep getting thrown together. 

This is a powerful story and I couldn’t help but shed few tears reading it. I loved the story plot that brought both Maddie and Parker together. This is the first book that I rated 5 ⭐️ for year 2022.

My Rating

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