Book Review – Falling For My Hot Neighbor by Rachael Brownell

There’s a professional line in the sand. One I refuse to cross. I can’t afford to if I want to keep my secrets safe. To keep my life from falling apart again.

Those boundaries are tested when he moves in across the hall.

My new neighbor might just be the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. He’s also my patient’s brother which is why he’s off limits. But with him this close, I find it hard to ignore my attraction to him. To deny the spark between us. To avoid the magnetic pull I feel.

Because Alex is everything I’ve ever wanted in a man.

Kind and sweet, with a dirty mind and a touch that lights a fire inside me.

And he loves my son.

Which scares me the most.

It’s not just my heart at risk. The closer Alex gets, the more I fall for him, the more I risk exposing everything I’ve worked so hard to keep hidden.

Published Date : 9 June 2022

My Review

The story begin with Alex getting help for his substance abuse sister, Daphne. As their parent still around, he have to lie on their background info to get her to be admitted to a rehab. It was there, he met Harley to who he is instantly attracted. The story continue with how he end up being her neighbour and meeting her son. Having feeling the same for Alex, Harley tried to avoid it from develop further as it is unethical as she is Daphe’s counselor. With the complication that she have with her son, Harley doesn’t need anymore complication in her life. 

It is an sweet read for me. Love the way Alex tried to get help for her sister and his willingness to risks everything for her. Loved watching on how the relationship between Alex, Harley and Phoenix developed.

My Rating

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