Book Review – New Family Required By Carmen Reid

Sasha Greenhope has a very lovely life. Her marriage is solid, her only daughter is delightful, and the family business is going full steam ahead.

The only blip on the horizon is the upcoming family reunion for her parents 40th wedding anniversary at Chadwell House – the family pile. Sasha just does not fit with her rich family. Her French mother, Delphine thinks everything Sasha does is a faux pas.. And siblings, Adele and Beau, are clearly the favourites, leaving Sasha surplus to requirements

So when Sasha’s husband Ben takes this exact moment to reveal that they are about to go bankrupt, Sasha wants to be anywhere but stuck in a lavish marquee!

Swallowing her pride, and a whole bottle of fizz, Sasha determines to ask her family for help – and maybe even a loan – only to discover that her parents and siblings are all keeping secrets of their own!

Published Date: 13 July 2022

My Review

Sasha have a lovely marriage life.. she thought she have it all until the day that her husband Ben told her that they are about to go bankrupt. That is just a few days away from her upcoming family reunion for her parent’s 40th wedding anniversary. She threaded this occasion when her siblings, Adele and Beau are attending too. 

It is a story of family, relationship and secret where communication is so powerful that it can hold or break a relationship. There are many conflict that is being revealed and as a reader I was surprise and shock by the revelation.Overall, it is an enjoyable read.

My Rating

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