Book Review – A Wedding At Sandy Cove By Bella Osborne

One blind date. One chance encounter. One-life changing moment.

Ella is in the business of making brides’ dreams come true with yards of white tulle, delicate lace and sparkly sequins.

But Ella’s own love life couldn’t be further from a fairy tale. Recently dumped by her boyfriend and with her best friend’s wedding only months away, Ella feels more alone than ever so she finally accepts her friends’ offers to set her up on a blind date.

But a mix up on the night throws her into the path of Kit, instead.

Kit is most definitely not the man she was supposed to meet, but he could end up changing her life in ways she never thought possible…

Published Date : 21 July 2022

My Review

Ella alters wedding dresses for brides and in the course of her work she get to meet array of brides but with a Boss that treated her badly. She believe in true love and romance even though she often sees the bride at their worst. It was at a blind date meeting, Ella meet Kit and they formed a friendship. There is spark between then but both of them trying hard to conceal it.

This book focuses on friendship, family and 2nd chance in love. Kit come across as someone who is moody and broody and it is someone that I would like for as one of the main character in the book. However, I do love Ella, watching her gaining her confident though I find Ella over did on the accommodating to peoples demand which lead to people take advantage of her kind nature. I enjoyed all aspects of the story very much. Overall it is a delightful read for me.

My Rating

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