Book Review – Hottie On Her Shelf By Christi Barth

Hallie Scott expected the hangover from her thirtieth birthday. She did not expect to find her calm, orderly life as Swan Cove’s head librarian to completely change overnight when her best friend added Hallie to the mayoral ballot because of one little remark. One. Now she’s going head-to-head with the small coastal town’s prominent “prince,” Fitz Montgomery…whose charm is about to get seriously checked.

All Fitz wants is to prove himself, beyond being the latest in the unbroken line of Montgomery mayors. Nobody, least of all Fitz, expected the town’s cute-as-hell librarian to step up and run against him. Hallie’s definitely in over her head, which is a problem, since Fitz wants a fair fight. But is he helping Hallie level the playing field…or arming his opponent?

Hallie and Fitz are on completely different sides. Their backgrounds, their lives, their ongoing ebook vs paperback argument. But they’re both about to learn that the art of war is nowhere near as complicated as falling for the enemy…

Published Date : 11 July 2022

My Review

A day after her birthday Hallie found out that her best friend has put in her name to run alongside with Fitz for the town mayor election. Hallie is a town librarian is going head on again Fitz who is a Montgomery and being the one who carry the name, is always the mayor of Sandy Cove. At first Hallie have no interest to run for mayor but after round of convincing, she decided that maybe she is what it takes to know do the Montgomery off.

The story of enemies to lovers romance with Hallie a reserved woman and Fitz who being torn between his family they and his own the strong Hallie and sweet and caring Fitz. Overall it is a fun read for me.

My Rating

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