Book Review – Accidentally Working Class By Karly Lane

Socialite Quinn Appleton knows how to live life—at full speed and with no limits. She has the perfect life, an amazing boyfriend, friends by the bucketload and an eye for fashion. Life is good.

The Appletons are a household name, their eponymous biscuit empire having been in the family for over one hundred and fifty years, making them one of the country’s richest families. They are no strangers to controversy either, constantly gracing the covers of gossip magazines, caught in compromising positions at outrageous parties.

But CEO and matriarch Lady Elizabeth Appleton has had enough. Tired of her children and grandchildren not pulling their weight and dragging the once respectable Appleton name through the mud, she decides to cut them all off financially.

With her life in ruins, Quinn is just one Jimmy Choo heel away from living in a cardboard box when Gran gives her an ultimatum: take a job at the company for six months and her trust fund will be reinstated. The catch? She must do it under a false identity and work her way up—no one can know she’s an Appleton.

Surely it can’t be that hard to hold down a lousy job? After all, millions of other people seem to do it. But Quinn is about to learn just how different the world is when you find yourself suddenly working class.

Published Date : 1 July 2022

My Review

Appleton is the owner of the largest biscuits manufacturer and the matriarch Lady Elizabeth Appleton is fed up with the way her childrens and grandchildrens who are out to tarnish the family reputation instead of helping and building the business. She is determined to change things and have make a big announcement to cut financial support until everyone proves that they are worthy of the money.

Quinn is famous for her lavish lifestyle and partying find it difficult to keep up with her living. So, she went back to her grandma and asked for an opportunity, she was given an ultimatum i.e to work in the family business for 6 months for her to gain back her trust fund.

It is a story about poor rich girl who has her world torn apart and how she rediscover herself. Love seeing how Quinn’s character changed from a spoilt brat demeanour to her true self as a strong, independent and loyal to those she loves. Overall It is an enjoyable quick summer read to me.

My Rating

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