Book Review – Escape to Lilacwell By Sasha Morgan

She wanted an adventure. What she found was so much more…

Adira Summers has spontaneously quit her high-flying career as a barrister in London. She needs to escape from the rat race and, encouraged by her bohemian gran, has bought a campervan to do so.

Taking off for a tour around Britain, disaster strikes early on when her van breaks down outside the quaint village of Lilacwell. But things look up after she meets handsome Jasper, who is visiting to check on his ailing uncle and his crumbling estate, The Laurels.

As Adira falls for Lilacwell, she is torn between forgoing her travel plans to stay, or continuing with her adventure. Jasper must also choose between returning to his job in Dubai or moving back for his uncle – and Adira.

Published Date: 28 July 2022

My Review

This is story about Adira who is unhappy and decided to take the move by leaving her life and job behind and embark in an adventure. Adira is at the stage where she need time to review her priorities and what she want in her life. Jetting off with a camper van in the hope she will be able to find what she is looking, she reach the picturesque village in Lancashire Village and met Fletcher, the owner of the estate and his nephewJasper, who came back to his uncle need help. Jasper is determine to keep a close eye on Adira but as they get thrown together, Jasper began to find she is just what he needs in his life.

Overall it’s is a lovely summer read for me with nice setting and easy flowing of storyline.

My Rating

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