Book Review – When the Leaves Stop Falling By Kelly Moran

Ten years ago, Courtney Morgan had somehow found the courage to escape a life of abuse and run. Now living a comfortable–albeit lonely–existence, she’s determined to make the most of her second chance. But when a newcomer strolls into the diner where she works, a series of events lands her on a road trip from Arizona to Georgia. After she learns her travel companion has been given a terminal diagnosis and is returning home, Courtney sees this as an opportunity to pay it forward and help, like someone had once done for her. Yet, despite her good intentions, it seems fate is determined to put love and friendship in her path, forcing her to evaluate her own future and what she desires most. Offering forgiveness is hard, especially when that person needing it most is herself. And she’s discovering the important things in life are about the people along her journey, not the destination.

Published Date : 12 Oct 2015

My Review

Serena suffered heart condition since young and it’s condition is getting worst now. She is en route back to her family when she met Courtney. Courtney has  amazing gift when she doesn’t want to own. Love the way Serena and Courtney established their new friendship. Jake who have been holding on to the day that Serena will be back is hoping that she will finally let him love her. Serena on the other hand, has her reasons and she must tell him the truth. 

It is a lively story that make you cry laugh and believe in the existence of love.

My Rating

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