Book Review – Along the Shore By Rochelle Alers

Cherie Renee Thompson is finally ready to dive into change. After two summers vacationing on Coates Island, she’s now a permanent resident, studying to be a teacher, and has formed invaluable friendships with two remarkable women, Kayana and Leah. Their summer book club, which meets weekly at the Seaside Café, has taught Cherie to seize the day. And as the ex-mistress of a powerful politician consistently unable to commit, Cherie is determined not to waste any more time—or try romance again…

When Cherie meets new sheriff and ex-army veteran Reese Matthews, there’s an immediate, undeniable spark between them. For his part, Reese has survived ongoing loss and believes that Cherie is as open and uncomplicated as she appears—until her former flame returns. Free of his responsibilities, he’s offering Cherie the luxurious life he always promised…

Now, in a summer of glowing potential, tranquil days, and book club meetings filled with insight and caring, Cherie must weigh past dreams against new chances, search her heart for what’s real—and what will fulfill her most.

Published Date : 26 July 2022

My Review

Cherie move to the island where both of friends, Leah and Kayana have settled with their husband and fiancé. Cherie comes from a poor family and meets her former rich lover at the school. Soon, they carried on the affairs for more than 10 years even when he got married. Even up to she deliver her baby boy and leave it to him as his current wife is unable to get pregnant in exchange for money. She is not happy but there is nothing she can do. Moving to the island is a way for her to let go of her past and to start life again. Here, Cherie found herself attracted to Reese but first she need to come clean to Reese on her former life. Overall, it is an enjoyable read for me.

My Rating

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