Book Review – My Big Fake Wedding By Jessica Hatch

The date is set. The guy is not.

When Bea Corbin enters a lottery to win her perfect wedding, she never imagines that her name will be picked right after she’s been cheated on, and unceremoniously dumped, by her ex-boyfriend. But when the event planner calls with the good news, Bea doesn’t say any of that. She panics and says yes.

Going against the advice of her oldest friend Oliver, Bea announces her marriage to her friends and family, and begins her hunt for a husband. Just because Oliver is an old-fashioned romantic doesn’t mean that Bea’s colour-coded binder filled with ways to find a fiancé won’t work.

As luck would have it, Bea soon has the most awkward, tequila-fuelled first kiss of all time with her gorgeous office crush, Andrew. But as Bea and Andrew’s relationship gets more serious at the exact moment her ex-boyfriend reappears declaring his undying love, things become more complicated than she could have imagined. Bea feels more lost than ever, especially because Oliver is no longer taking her calls, or answering her texts…

As the ceremony draws nearer, Bea discovers that the only thing more complicated than finding a husband on a deadline is finding the right one.

Published Date: 18 August 2022

My Review

Bea was still in relationship when she enters a competition with a dream wedding as prize. She never thought that her status in relationship changed and got a shocks when she got her dream wedding offer. So she strive to find a boyfriend and get married by the scheduled time even against the advice of her best friend Oliver. She set her sights on Andrew to pursue.

It is about the romance journey where Bea learn and evolved at the end of the journey the meaning of love. I never feel that Bea is connected to Andrew. The relationship just too fake and lacked the chemistry. Instead as I read along, I was hoping it was Oliver. Love the writing style and overall it is a fun light read for me with comes with a surprise ending.

My Rating

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