Book Review – A Lot Like Forever By Jennifer Snow

Whitney Carlisle has everything under control—or at least that’s what she needs everyone in Blue Moon Bay to think. She has always faced the hard times in her life head-on and come out stronger for it. But this time, she isn’t so sure. Whitney knows she needs help, but how can she put that burden on Trent, her fiancé? How can she crush his dreams by telling him the plans they made for a future together have to change?

All Trent Connolly wants is to get married, have kids, and spend the rest of his life loving Whitney. Their relationship has had its share of ups and downs—like any other couple—and they’ve always managed to get through it unscathed. So when Whitney is clearly struggling with something, Trent is ready to help. His fiancée’s strong will is part of what draws him to her—but this time, it feels like it’s pushing him away.

Whatever Whitney is hiding from everyone has to be big. Possibly life-changing. She must believe that revealing her secret would do Trent more harm than good, even if it crushes her under the weight of it. The only thing he can do now is be there for her in whatever way she needs…until a secret of his own comes to light that threatens to steal their chance at forever.

Published Date: 23 August 2022

My Review

Whitney gotten to know about her latest health issue and unable to decide what to do but decided to keep it from Trent. She focus on her work instead. Trent, her fiancé noted the changes in her but unable to find out what has been bothering her. It’s seem like the more he tried to approach her, the further Whitney is pushing him away.

It is a quick read for me despite the main characters doesn’t seem to be communicating to each other. Reading this story make me realized just how important communication is. Both of them keep presume that what they are doing is for the goods of the other without realizing that it has the opposite effect.

My Rating

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