Book Review – Snowed In With The Billionaire By Leslie North

Will a Christmas surprise make both their dreams come true?

Brea Nelson is used to her family’s prickly attitude, but she’s determined to spend the holidays with them. Unfortunately, a major storm and serious car trouble complicates her plans.

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, she finds herself knocking on the door of the infamous George Clark, a cutthroat CEO whose name is all over the news. Brea is pleasantly surprised by his muscular body and striking good looks. But his cold, rude demeanor promptly douses what’s left of her holiday cheer.

Business always comes first for billionaire George Clark. But a near-death experience has forced him into hiding on Christmas Eve. When his solitude is disrupted by the shy but beautiful Brea, he’s less than thrilled at the interruption. But he can’t deny there’s something special about this plucky woman… Something that cuts through his arrogant exterior, and warms his cold heart.

One night may be all it takes to ignite a spark between these two strangers. But will a Christmas miracle be enough to keep them from going their separate ways?

Published Date : 25 August 2022

My Review

Brea got stranded on her way to spend Christmas with her parent. It was a shock to her she discover the owner of the home that she take refuge is a billionaire who went into hiding. George have a reputation for being a rich playboy entrepreneur. George have his own opinion on how he wanted to live his life and felt that family will be an obstacle for him in life and this has draining him physically, emotionally and financially. While George is successful, Brea come as a total disappointment to her parent and her mother make it known to her. While waiting for the blizzard to clear, both Brea and George open to each other and get to know each other. Slowly, their attraction grows.

Love the the tension between both George and Brea and the message that this book is all about, i.e there are someone out there that is perfect to us. All we need is not to give up looking for this special person. Overall it is a great read to me.

My Rating

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