Book Review – Quicksand By Janet Dailey

Tess Champion knows better than to trust Brock Tolman, the rancher who once swindled her late father in a land deal. But with the Alamo Canyon Ranch in foreclosure, Tess is forced to accept Brock’s offer of a partnership. Brock claims he only wants to breed the Champion bloodline into his own herd. In exchange, he offers Tess one of his own young bulls. Soon enough, Quicksand is the rising star of the rodeo circuit, which only proves Tess is better at picking bulls than she is men. Because she’s way too tempted to surrender to her attraction to Brock, despite her certainty he’s only out to steal her family ranch . . .

It’s not until the tycoon’s private plane crashes in the wilderness, stranding him with Tess, that the truth of their relationship will come out. The Champion family’s future is on the line, but it’s Tess’s heart that will take the hit if she’s fallen for the wrong man . . .

Published Date: 30 August 2022

My Review

Tess is being very conscious of Brock and his intention to help her when he is a nemesis of her family. Everyone including of herself know that he have the intention to expand his holding of asset. She could not understand why would he want to help her to the extend of offering her a choice of bull from his farm. Everyone warned her taking the impulsive Quicksand with its bad attitude but Tess saw something in him. There was attraction between Tess and Brock but she aware that she should not have give in as she can’t trust him. There are strange things happening between them, Brock begin to suspect it has something to do with Tess.

It is a suspense romance filled with dangerous mystery evolved around Tess and Brock. And as the layers peeled away, I become engrossed in the story and there was a twist to the story in the end. I love Brock’s story and both Tess and Brock is a strong character. Love reading how their relationship developed. Overall, it is a quick read for me and I enjoyed the drama and romance between Tess and Brock.

My Review

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