Book Review – The Wedding Quilt By Jodi Thomas, Lori Wilde & Patience Griffin

The little town of While-a-Way, Texas, may as well be named Last Chance as far as Avery Cleveland is concerned. Running her late great-grandmother’s quilt shop is the only way to build back her life after losing her dancing career. But local sheriff Daniel Solis is stunned by Avery’s beauty and spirit—and hopes to show her how to stitch brand-new dreams together . . .

Ellie Winter’s sister is holding a quilting bee as her bachelorette party, creating a memory quilt for their grandmother. If only the event weren’t happening at the ranch where Ellie spent childhood summers, now owned by the man she can’t forget. Four days surely isn’t enough time to fall in love again . . . but what about four long, hot, summer nights?

Paige Holiday’s last visit to the International Quilt Festival in Houston ended in heartbreak. It seems like all the women in her family are unlucky in love. So at this year’s festival, Paige is focused solely on business, until a gorgeous cowboy crosses her path, ready to turn her life—and her luck—around

Published Date : 30 August 2022

My Review

This is a trilogy stories from 3 authors.

The Secret Wish is a story about 2nd chances. Avery went back to her aunt’s quilt shop after given up her career as a world class ballerina. Unlike the other 2 stories, there is also a bit of mystery in the story.

Wish Upon A Wedding tell the story for second chance for love where Ellie return to a grief camp and met her first and only love. Dalton have never stopped loving Ellie and he did the only thing that he feel right for her. She is back in town now. Are they able to reconnect and rediscover their love?

When You Wish Upon A Quilt tell the story of Paige travelling around the world teaching quilting. She have a dream to design her own quilt but after her ex boyfriend steal her design, she kept this dream to herself until she met Holt at the quilting event. Paige have trouble in trusting people after the betrayal and Holt learnt the hard way that long distance relationship doesn’t work for him.

Overall these three stories are beautifully written, with love at first sight, 2nd chance in love and trust issue as a theme.

My Rating

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