Book Review – The Billionaire’s Proposal By Meg Herga

First, Lucy Barr is fired unceremoniously. She called her company’s handsome Indian billionaire boss, Jay Belgavi, names that are too shocking for print. Then, reeling from a loss of her job, she finds out her cheating ex is going to be the best man at her sister’s wedding. And he’s bringing a date. So of course she has to one-up him and announce that she’s engaged.

With only a week to go before the wedding, the only eligible man she can take as a fake fiancé to the wedding is her ex-boss. Yes, Jay Belgavi, the brooding grump who looks like he just stepped off a private jet after making a GQ magazine cover photographer burst into tears. 

Jay Belgavi is running from his painful past. The one thing that would help Jay leave his father’s company and put the past behind is a very specific real-estate deal. So Jay agrees to play Lucy’s adoring fiancé at her sister’s Hawaiian wedding. Because, unknown to Lucy, he needs her help to convince this real-estate client to tear down her apartment. In their battle of wills, the heat escalates and escalates some more.

What would Lucy rather lose? The wedding date, her home, or the frustrating man who makes her feel whole again?

Published Date : 16 August 2022

My Review

Lucy is looking for a fake fiancé as she need to attend her sis wedding which her ex fiancé will be the best man. Due some confusion she mistakenly fought with her CEO, Jay Belgavi and caused him to lose and important deal. Naturally, Jay fired her on the spot. Lucy is staying at an apartment block who belong to the company and Jay have the intention to sell the block for development purposes. Similar to Lucy, Jake need a fake girlfriend to get his sisters’ off his back and also convince his client that he is a reliable family man.

It is an enemies to lover romance which focus on finding love and trust again. As the story developed, we get to see the shift in their relationship and both main character’s discover that their hate was based on misunderstanding.

My Rating

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