Book Review – Making Waves At River View Cottage By Jennifer Bohnet

Life doesn’t always give you a second chance to make another choice…

Cassie Lewis, a widow for over 20 years has begun to realise there must be more to life.
In-between working at the family boatyard in picture perfect Dartmouth and raising two children, she wonders where the years have gone.

Both her children, Tom and Polly, have inherited their father’s love of sailing and currently Tom is preparing for a gruelling round the world race. When an accident forces Tom to pull out, Polly, to Cassie’s horror, insists she is capable of taking his place.

As Polly prepares for the race, Cassie unexpectedly finds herself with two keen and eligible men vying for her love.
With her BIG 5-0 birthday approaching Cassie knows she has some big decisions to make but will the worry over Polly’s safe return, cloud her judgement?

Published Date : 21 September 2022

My Review

After being a widow for the past 20 years and pouring all her attention to raised her 2 children. It is hard for Cassie to watch her children to be involved in sailing what more when she lost her husband in a sailing accident. But she have to since it is her children’s interest. Tom is about to take an around the world boat race but a freak accident has prevented him from taking part. Polly who is keen sailor but less experience than her brother decide to take over instead. The story continue with Polly’s adventure and Cassie’s life as she set to make some major decision of her own.

I love the storyline that is full action drama and narration of what a solo yachting race require. It is understandable of Cassie’s fear for her children safety. This book is also about a strong women who set to claim back her life and discover love on her own terms. Overall it is a sweet read for me.

My Rating

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