Book Review – In His Protection By Sandra Owens

Every small town has its secrets…

Chief of police Tristan Church likes Marsville just the way it is. He has his job and his police dog, Fuzz, for company. He could have Sheriff Skylar Morgan, too, but she’s determined to keep him at arm’s length, even if the one night they shared was unforgettable.

Skylar can’t deny that the connection she has with Tristan is unlike anything she’s ever felt before. She loves Marsville, but while most of the town is happy with her as Sheriff, it’s been a long, hard road proving herself. Dating the town’s beloved police chief is the last thing her reputation needs—even if it’s exactly what her heart wants.

But when their sleepy little town is suddenly full of dangers, it’s clear that someone is targeting Skylar. She and Tristan must work together to find the culprit…and as the threat against her grows, so does the intimacy between them. With their lives on the line, can they trust their hearts not to

Published Date: 23 Aug 2022

My Review

Tristan is a chief police who work with Sheriff Skylar. Prior to Skylar’s transfer, both of them had one special night together without realising who the other was. Since Skylar move to town, both of them tried their best to pretend the one night never happened. Tristan doesn’t know Skylar’s past and when the person who causing her so much pain appear again in her life, Tristan take over and protect her as much as possible.

This is a romantic suspense and I love Skye and Tristan character. The action and excitement storyline really make me turn the pages at a fast pace and I couldn’t put my kindle down. Overall it is a fast and easy read with lovable real character.

My Rating

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