Book Review – So It Goes By Jennifer Probst

The truth? Lonely advertising rep Malia Evergreen is still waiting for a soul mate, marriage, and a family. The lie? Telling every busybody she knows that she’s met someone. Now it’s a matter of finding him. Malia needs a date for a wedding. In a pinch she strikes a bargain with her former client, CEO Palmer Matterson—an arrogant, defiantly single, alpha billionaire whose best quality is insincerity. The perfect fake date.

Palmer has wanted Malia from the first moment he saw her. A challenging, sexy career woman who knows what she wants. It’s just not him. Not yet, anyway. This is Palmer’s chance to win her heart.

As fate throws them together, Malia unravels the layers of the man she thought she knew and, against the odds, finds herself falling in love. Palmer’s falling too. If only they can convince each other what they share…a belief in a happy ever after.

Published Date: 13 September 2022

My Review

Malia ran her own media company have a successful company and the only lacking in her life is that special someone. All She have was many dating disasters instead. She have been dealing with Palmer in handling his company account. He is very demanding and she doesn’t like him. But Palmer developed a huge crush on her despite their business dealing. When Malia told him she moving on to a new area of her company and that she no longer taking care of his company’s account, Palmer tries to find opportunity to stay in contact with her including fake date romance in front of their families. Forced to work together, Malia continue to struggle with her attraction to a man she doesn’t “like”.

This book is a wonderful love story told from dual person perspective that at times pull at my heartstrings. I love Palmer for his vulnerability despite his macho outlook and the chemistry that both Palmer and Malia have. It is not just a love story. It was filled with dilemma especially at the part when Malia decide to go for the fertility treatment.

My Rating

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